Light duty

  • Name : Light duty
    Light duty
    Description : Light duty :
    Specification of light duty office cabin
    Main StructureIs constructed with all Steel Section Designed to be Top-hoisting with Primer.
    Base KidIs fully welded with Steel Restangular Hollow Section 50mm x 75mm with Primer Coating.
    Columm & BeamSteel Square Hollow Section and 65mm x 65mm, 50mm x 50mm , 38mm x 38mm with primer coating.
    FloorIs made of 12mm Plywood (WPF G1) Reinforced with 50mm x 75mm Hardwood and top finished with Vinyl Sheet.
    RoofIs Covered with 0.30mm High Tensile Corrugated Metal Sheets Reinforced by 50mm x 50mm and 50mm x 75mm Hardwood.
    EXTERNAL - Cladding Fixed with 0.23mm High Tensile Corrugated Metal Deck Sheet, Reinforced with Hardwood Bracing 50mm x 50mm.
    INTERNAL - Wall finish is laid with 3mm First Grade Laminated PVC Plywood with Timber Beading
    CeilingFinish is laid with 3mm First Grade Laminated PVC Plywood with Timber Beading.
    WindowNaco Adjustable Glass Louvred Window 4'(W) x 3' (H) complete with Security Bar.
    DoorStandard 3'(W) x 7'(H) Timber Flush Door with Quality Cylindrical Lock Set.
    ElectricalIs completed with 4'0" Flourescent Lamp and Wiring, Switch Point, 13A Plug Point, 15A Plug Point for Air-Conditioner, Distributior Box with Main Fius & MCB and Incoming Box (WPF).

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