• : Heavy Duty
    Heavy Duty
    : Heavy Duty :
    Specification of Heavy Duty office cabin
    Main StructureIs constructed with all Steel Section Designed to be Top-hoisting with Primer.
    Base KidIs fully welded with Steel Restangular Hollow Section 50mm x 75mm with Primer Coating.
    Columm & BeamSteel Square Hollow Section and 65mm x 65mm with primer coating.
    FloorIs made of 18mm Plywood (WPF G1) Reinforced with  50mm x 75mm Steel Rectangular Hollow Section  and top finished with Vinyl Sheet.
    RoofIs Covered with 1.0mm  Metal Sheets Reinforced by 25mm x 50mm Steel Rectangular Hollow Section 
    WallEXTERNAL - Is covered with 1.0mm Corrugated Metal Sheet c/w painting.
    INTERNAL - Wall finish is laid with 12mm Gypsum Board.
    CeilingFinish is laid with suspended ceiling.
    Window4'(W) x 3' (H) NA Aluminium Sliding Window with Grille.
    Door3'(W) x 7'(H) Steel Panel Door with Quality Cylindrical Lock Set.
    ElectricalIs completed with 4'0" Flourescent Lamp and Wiring, Switch Point, 13A Plug Point, 15A Plug Point for Air-Conditioner, Distributior Box with Main Fius & MCB and Incoming Box (WPF).
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